Name: Osweald Pell-Play Forever
Whelp date: 25.03.2012


Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
Ay Mann V.I.P.Dog Macm Draft Macm Highland Ovation Mugshots Standing Ovation
Macm T-Town Tara's Peanut
Macm Carol Cherokee Elvin
Macm Philsands Nathaly
Beautty Dinastia Kvin Bronorn Picasso at Ocobo
Sweet Finesse At Bronorn
Olivia Pickwick Illias
Lilanda Dez
Golden Bull Polly Bildaw Will Mystyle Rolex Ocobo Ringablok Mcdonald Mystyle
Mystyle Shining Star
Bildaw About Thyme Ringablok Mcdonald Mystyle
Bildaw Lady Em
Snoopy Doggy Dog Golden Henessy Medbull Next Edition Merriveen Rough and Ready
Valleybull Face the Class with Medbull
Snoopy Doggy Dog Cuki Golden Bull Lord Lawrence
Strase-Mix Hugi
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